First Monthly, Monthly Update!

Hello All!

Currently I have been working immensely hard and with great relish on filming with Necessary Outlet LLC on Jack Tracy’s newest visual album! As the Artistic Director for “For You,” this summer has been jam packed with weekly shoots, traveling all around the Tri-State area, designing, collaborating on, and consulting on dozens of intensely beautiful costumes and make-up looks, and working with a handful of my new (and old) favorite artists in the the worlds of dance, film, and production.
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On top of this wonderful filming experience, I am also coming off of a slight hiatus with Naked Boys Singing, as we have now moved to The Theater Center on 50th and Broadway. This show continues to be a thrilling and hilarious weekly lesson in teamwork, pride, and work ethic, and I am so thankful to be continuing with this process.
You can head on over to our website for more information on show times and ticket prices.
I hope you all come to see all of us!

On top of this wonderful change to my theatre career, I am also, and most importantly, beginning a journey through mentorship. I’m not going to get into details (because, in all honesty, who enjoys hearing about a mass blast about how happy and fulfilled someone else is?), but I do want to say that, through the mentorship I am finding my days full of structure, my sleep coming easier with the actual work I am doing each day, and a new source of purpose, engagement, and fulfillment driving my life. I am fired up, and ready to take on all of the greatness that life has to offer.

As always, I would love to talk more to any of you who would like to discuss any collaborations or philosophies, or just share about how you are doing.

I love you


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