Erik Schneider


Hello everybody! My name's Erik! What's yours?


So, am I the only one who thinks that bio's are a little too stuffy these days?

My name's Erik Stefan Dunn Schneider and I love the analysis and critic of common-held belief and thought structures, the use of parenthetical expression and other punctuation that gives a conversational and unpretentious tone, and, of course, travel, artistic expression, and cats...because, c'mon, who doesn't love cats?

I am a musical theatre performer (triple threat), drag queen and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. In 2013, I earned a BFA in Musical Theatre with a minor in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (born, raised, and educated), and I have since been pursuing the torrid, exhilarating, confusing, and all around strange life of a millennial artist. My professional credits include the roles of Alejandro in Thomas Rivera Montes’ Alejandro & Maria, Venus in Marc Singer's "Alice Is Burning," and Christopher Belling in the Village Light Opera Group’s "Curtains."  I also have spent four lovely seasons (2013-2016) at the Quisisana performance resort in Center Lovell, ME, learning from and being directed by Amy Rogers, Rob Meffe, Marshall Taylor, and Bob Cline. 

At this moment I am traveling through the United States in one of my favorite dream roles: The Emcee in the National (non-eq) Tour of "Cabaret" (

My artistry is my own pursuit of stories. I believe in stories. When we sit and take in another’s story, we are asked to see the world through their eyes, and, so very often, we find how similar those eyes are to our own. Stories, in the news, in film, on stage, or even from our shared history, help us to understand just what others are capable of the beautiful and the monstrous, which leads us to a better understanding of what we are capable of. That’s why I’m an artist: I tell stories with the hope that someone finds themselves in a story about me.

-Erik <3


Pina Bausch - Rite of Spring

"We are all emotional dreamers, and scheming mechanics, and biological innocents, simultaneously..."

                                - Rudolf Laban



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