Monthly Update: “Hello dear void!”

Hello All!

Welcome back into another monthly update! A third of the year (and one midnight) gone!

Sometimes, when I don’t receive any tangible feedback to what I put out into the world, I feel like I am shouting into the void. I feel like I am merely sending my expressions, opinions, songs, and words out into a nothingness that is indifferent to all of my offerings…and for someone who has only started to understand their connection with faith and the powers than other than self, this can be a daunting and alienating feeling

…but does it have to be?

Why not take a look at that void as an old friend? An ancient and lovingly presence that takes all that you’ve to offer, never turning away a single gift, as it can see the great value you’ve to offer. Not indifferent, but refusing to judge. Not silent, but stoic in its belief in you. A passive, yet pleased receiver of all you’ve got to give.

With all of that in mind, I’d like to say:
“Hello dear void! I love you!”

September was a wild ride. I started and posted the first two videos of my most recent project: “Sing Your Song.” With this project I am sharing my strong belief that we all need to not only find our voice in the world, but also be free to share what we have to say, no matter who has told us not to.
I’ve already posted two videos, and there are five more to come! Feel free to await on bated breath <3

I have also begun rehearsals for my next production: “Hello Again.” This musical, written and composed by John Michael Lachiusa, follows ten players throughout the ages as they encounter each other, and their conflicting ideas on sex, commitment, love, and connection.
If you are free October 17th-20th, tickets are still available at

In our lives we have these times of sowing, and our times of reaping, and, while the reaping is so much fun- we all would love an all-inclusive vacation, a marvelous night out, a weekend away, or our day in the sun- the sowing is where the reaping is conceived. This time is a time of sowing for me, a time to put in the work that will yield the results I am searching for. I am letting the world know that I am a serious artist, performer, worker, and leader. 

So, get out those seeds, all, and get ready to put in the work to werq!

I love you, all, and I know that you can make your dreams come true!


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