Happy Holidays!


Man, am I thankful for this year! I ended the Cabaret tour in May, spent my second summer in New York working on auditioning, finding two new jobs, playing Violet (my ukulele) as much as I could, and I have spent this fall being flooded with performance work! YAY PRODUCTIVITY GIVING ME PURPOSE!

This October was the most productive for me. I started off the month with shooting for Season 3 of Necessary Outlet’s web series: History, and then immediately (as in, the next day) learned and performed in the West Side Lounge’s Drunk Musical production of Beauty and the Bourbon. Check out my clip as Lumiere singing “Be Our Guest” with two shots and a gin and tonic in me!

I ended the month with a staged reading and recording of my friend Nick Kaminski’s new musical Transgender Stillborn, and I started this month with filming for Jack Tracy’s new single, “Wherever You Are.” Now I am spending some well deserved time off with my family in Austin, making too much food, drinking great wine, and finally seeing “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” (please go out and see it, if you haven’t yet!), and, of course, remembering to update my website.

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone how thankful I am that you are here. Even if you’ve just stopped by my page by accident, I am thankful that you are taking a moment to witness the artistry I’m sharing, and I hope that what you have seen here will bring you a little joy, and maybe even some insight into this mad world.

Happy Holidays alles, and may you find love, fulfillment, and greater joy with this coming year <3


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