11.28.18 - The Responsibility of Attraction

Dear Sweet Babe,

Did you know that the majority of people who feel unattractive do so because they are acting unattractive? 

I really hope that you clearly define what you find to be attractive. I hope you look for the traits that draw you to them; look for the features that catch your eye. They don’t have to be things that stir feelings of lust, but just what stirs interest in you. Define them for yourself. 

Do you like assertiveness? Is peace-making something that draws you? Is physical fitness really attractive? Do strong cheekbones make you pay closer attention? What is it that really attracts you?

Now, look in the mirror. Start with the features you possess. What do you find attractive? Is the color of your hair or your eyes something that you are drawn to? Do you find the shape of your nose or the way you hair falls to be beautiful, handsome, just pretty? Be kind. Remember those features. 

Now, think of who you are. What traits do you possess? Are you brave? Are you trustworthy? Are you witty or compassionate? Are you ambitious or loyal? Be kind. Remember those traits. 

Now, whenever you catch yourself in a mirror or see your reflection in glass or even a shiny spoon, ask yourself: am I showing those attractive traits? Can people see my attractive features?

Celebrate your attractiveness, because it’s a gift for just you to give. No one may take or cheapen your gift. No one may define the worth of your gift. Your attractiveness is yours to do with it as you will. 

How will you use it responsibly?


Drawing by Charles White

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