12.6.18 - Where The Beauty Is

Dear Sweet Babe,

Today I want to talk to you about beauty.

The world is full of beauty. Every morning and every evening there’s a sunrise and a sunset that bathe the world in glorious beauty. There are the most spectacularly breath-taking people who possess the most beautifully symmetrical features and perfectly shaped frames. There are paintings and songs and films that will call out to you with their surprisingly eye-catching aesthetic.
But, there is more than the common beauty that everyone can agree upon. Beauty can be found in the most surprising places. There are moments when you will catch the asymmetry of an imperfect flower, or find how someone cocks their head or smirks to be the most exquisite thing you’ve ever witnessed. There is poetry that will speak to the darkness within you, cracking the ice in which you’ve encased your heart as an ice pick against the glacier, sending fissures of beauty radiating through you. There are moments when you will look into the mirror and see all that you have been through and accomplished worn upon your familiar visage, and the sheer beauty of your strength and resilience will take your breath away. There are loving smiles that you’ll catch right after someone has done you the tiniest favor who’s glorious grace will bring light to your whole world.

So, what exactly is beauty? 

Well, that question is one of the most wonderful things about beauty: it’s subjectivity. Beauty is completely within the eye of the beholder. Subjectivity is a way we have of understanding what is not definite in our world, but that we know truly exists. We look at concepts such as beauty, richness, justice and their opposites and we acknowledge that these concepts are defined by those who hold them and express them.
Is something beautiful if no one believes it to be? Is someone rich if they have no money? Can someone be just if everyone believes them to be inequitable?
This subjectivity leads us to look at beauty in a severely personal way. We can choose to see beauty in an easy way, a way that everyone around us has agreed upon, or we can try to find beauty in a myriad of other, more personal ways. We can choose to see the beauty in a person who may not look like a model, but who’s beauty shines through in their passion for their skill or the kindness of their soul. We can choose to see beauty in the rain giving life to the world around us, even if it means we get soaked through and a bit of a sniffle. We can choose to see the beauty in death, as some thing has been released from all of its pain, even if we know that we will miss that life and the impact it had on us. How we choose to see beauty will be a part of our personal definition, as assuredly as your favorite color or where you were born, your faith or your career.

So, sweet babe, how will you define yourself through your definition of beauty?


Erik Schneider2 Comments