11.27.18 - Survival in Goodness

Dear Sweet Babe,

Oo! Today kicked my ass!
But, I hope you understand, I am still kicking right back.

That’s one of the crucial things about life, my sweet, it will constantly try to buck you . It will toss the malicious opinions of others, reminders of your failures and your losses, people trying to silence you, and heaps of anxiety and terrible thoughts, right into your face, even if you’re already down in the dust. Just as sure as life will hand you the greatest sweetness, the most exquisite beauty, and the tenderest loves, it will also give you the most trying hardships and near debilitating pains.

But, there is a secret to survival. A deep truth that, if you can remember, will allow you to weather any storm: that greatness, beauty, and goodness are stronger than the hardship, if only we remember them.

We humans are stupid animals sometimes. We hold onto hardship and badness for much longer than we should, thinking subconsciously that if we forget any badness we will be unprepared for when, or if, it returns. And we’re not wholly wrong in that thinking…but, remembering a thing and holding onto it are two entirely separate things. We can remember a lesson without holding onto the badness we experienced in learning it.

So, I encourage you to let the badness go. Never forget what you’ve survived, but hold tightly onto the goodness; to what serves you. Remember: you can survive anything, but survival gets a whole lot easier when you survive in goodness.


Erik SchneiderComment