So...what is this gunna be?

So, I’ve flirted with the making of a blog for years. When I was going into college and I first watched Julie and Julia, my blog attempt lasted about three posts. When I was leaving college and getting into youtube, my vlogging lasted about fourteen posts. So, progress was made!

In between these two attempts, and in between my vlogging days and now, the need for written expression has manifested itself in journals and a running Pages document that holds my daily writings. The fact is, I am a writer, and I need to write. I have always found that the world, socializing, my feelings, and my experiences all make more sense and seem to serve me best when I write them down. Through the interplay of thoughts and page (or computer screen) I find my most balance and my favorite type of dance… and this is coming from a guy who had the pleasure of frequently smacking his ass and grabbing his crotch in the last bit of choreo he was given.

But, I wanted to make a blog that would stick this time. I was, and am, proud of the attempts I have made in the past, but I have been craving a lasting mark for this project. So, I went about finding what makes my virgo moon happiest: structure and rules!

Allow me to fill you in on what this blog will be:
I’m a guncle. My little niece was born just five months ago, and when she finally emerged into this world I began to think on who I was going to be for this radiant new human being. Would I be the cool, New York relative who bursts into her life around holidays with a kitschy souvenir and then disappears again? Would I be the sage secret-keeper, who provides wisdom and the occasional sip of my coffee or wine, “just to get a taste?” Would I be the crazy uncle who gets her drunk for the first time and introduces her to new food, drink, and life experiences with every meeting?
Or…maybe I could just be myself?
So, in the spirit of being true to the essence of all that I could be to my niece (urban sage, innovative confidant…etc), as well as staying true to my essence (introverted artist, philosophical dork…etc), I decided to write to my sweet babe, once a day, for three hundred and sixty-five days. I will share a kernel of (what I see as) wisdom with her once a day, and then present to her this record of my sagacity when the proper time arrives…which, with the rating of my topics ranging from G-R, may be around the time she’s ten, or thirty.

So, I welcome you to my niece’s blog. You are welcome to comment on any post that resonates with you, or to object to anything that sticks in your craw, or simply ask a question about anything that peaks your interest. All I ask as you read this blog is this: please remember, while it is yours to enjoy, in the end, it belongs to her.


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